Last Day of 39.

Getting older has never really been a big deal for me.  When I was a kid, I honestly didn’t think I’d make 35.  I figured I’d be dead because I was just being dumb and stuff.  Now I’m on the eve of my 40th Birthday and it’s nice to know that I have made something of my life.  We had some friends over for a dinner the other night and it was great.  Everyone has busy lives, but I love that they took the time to visit with me (and bring gifts).

I have no plans for my “Big Four Oh” tomorrow.  Just a regular Tuesday filled with regular errands.  My children are home for Spring Break, so I’m hoping for the chance to sleep in and get served breakfast in bed. Hint-hint.  Turning 40 doesn’t have the same feel as turning 19 does.  Those were the years of partying it up and not caring about the outcome.  The aftermath of my 19th birthday had my father washing my face and chest down in the bathtub because I had thrown up all over myself.  Then he put me to bed and let me sleep it off.  He may not have always been there, but he did some pretty memorable stuff for me when it mattered.


The extentant of my golf lessons.

My childhood birthdays were the usual things: pool parties, pizza, movies, sleepovers, and videogames.  Having fun was always the plan.  That has become my goal again.  I don’t need to get drunk to have a good time.  I just need fun people around who also like fun.  

As I approach my next decade- I hope to look back with pride on my years as a parent.  Especially since they are going to be teenagers throughout my next ten years.  

Mickey is always down for a good time.

Thank you to everyone that has touched my life….  I’m off to dye my hair blue and start my midlife crisis.



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