Make. Good. Art.

Nearly four years ago, Neil Gaiman gave a commencement speech at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts, and it went viral.  Every so often I look back and watch the speech in order to draw more inspiration from it.  Watch it here

I love the arts.  From books to film to drawing to handmade creations- people are talented.  I’ve always wanted to write since being in high school.  It has taken over twenty years for me to be courageous enough to pursue this endeavor.  Choosing to post in my blog everyday, has been a way of putting myself out there.  Some days only a dozen people read what I wrote.  Other times 1200 people read what I have written.  I’m not successful, nor is that my goal.  I am writing for my pleasure.


Two stories of art in our front entry.

We have seen great art by attending all sorts of Comicons in Western North America.  Our collection started small with a few postcard sized art work (that’s all we could afford at the time) to what has now become a beautiful array of imagery in our home.  Each artist we have purchased from was sitting at their table, selling their art, & still drawing while talking about their passions.  There is a certain amount of courage it takes to be able to showcase and sell your beloved art.  My wall is happier than it ever was.  People enter my home and something will catch their eye, and they’ll ask where we got it from.  Our wall is almost filled, so we will be expanding to the other three walls as time goes on.

Not all art is two dimensional.  We have made purchases of clothing and crafts as well.  People who take their time and put attention into the details- show pride in what they have created.  It makes me happy to own a part of their handiwork and showcase it to my friends.

The art I create is my art.  I’m choosing to share it with the world.  Good or bad, I created it and I am holding it out there saying, “Look what I can do!”

Perhaps one day I can give an inspirational speech based on my journey.  But until then-

Make.  Good.  Art.


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