Cards for every occasion…

Birthday cards, wedding cards, Christmas cards, graduation cards, Mother’s Day cards…  As much as we all give cards to one another for a special occasion- they are bloody expensive.  Buying one from a store like Hallmark, deciding to support a small time business or some quaint etsy shop- buying a card costs butt loads of money.

I have never forgotten a birthday or special occasion for my family members.  Those people are all kinds of important to me.  But I feel bad hitting the dollar store for a card to express how I feel.  But they just get shoved into a shoebox or drawer after being on display for a of couple days.

I know we have all the stuff to make cards at home.  We have a closet full of scrapbooking supplies as well.  My children even received card making kits as gifts.  I just don’t have the time to invest in painstakingly cut and stamp and glue a card.  The sad part is, what I would make would be better than what my wife could make.  She says that I’m definitely the “Martha Stewart” in the relationship.  She’s 100% correct.

My anniversary is this Sunday (expect me to blog about it) so I was out shopping for a card. 

Nope. Not this one.

Still not quite the thought I wish to express.

After 15 Years, this is pretty close.

I have never given my wife a humorous anniversary card.  I spend hours in the store reading over each and every romantic card.  I also make sure the colors or the imagery is just right.  For the first few years- I made sure that the card was purple & silver to match our wedding colors.  Then for a while- I made sure the card would contain the most written scripture because I wanted to get the most value for my buck.  

Not this year though.

I think I found one that is perfect for her.  She will enjoy it for a few days until our daughter’s birthday.  At which point this card, that I spent hours searching for, will get placed in a drawer to be forgotten about for months on end.

Now to just not screw up my signature when signing it…


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