Nerves of Steel

The Lower Mainland’s first big snowfall of the season and we had to head out to a Choir night.  We left our home early and it seems everyone else did as well.  We arrived early at the Theater and made our way past the entry.  We may have budged in line a bit, but standing by the doors that remained open wasn’t my idea of fun.  The children went up to the balcony entrance as the parents waited for the orchestra doors to open.

Thirty minutes before the performance, the crowd murmurs into the auditorium.  My wife and I sat about ten rows back in hopes to view the entire stage.  Backstage the children do a last minute rehearse and practice to get the jitters out.  Last chance to keep it together before the performance.  Back to the audience- the remnants of the stragglers are taking their seats while voices and laughter echo throughout.  A mic gives feedback and the crowd goes silent for a moment.  The lights dim.  The show was about to begin.

Introductions of the choirs is over and the singing commences.  The Fine Arts school that my children attend goes from Grade One all the way through to Grade Twelve.  And there is talent.  Amazing talent by both the children and the teachers.

I’m proud of the accomplishments my children have made over the years.  They have pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones and have begun to shine.

I also enjoyed the diversity of the Choir Night.  From Traditional Spirtual songs to Appalachian Folk Songs.  A Zulu Struggle song and an Orchestra accompaniment with the choir.

It was a lovely night.  I am looking forward to it every year now.


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