The Day Drags On

Today is one of those days that just seems to be going on forever. This is the kind of day that just passes by until bedtime.  No ambitious projects.  No plans to go out.  Not a lot of anything. It’s as if I’m just waiting for something to occur. But nothing will.

I started dinner a few hours ago. We are going to be enjoying a smoked brisket and potato salad in a few hours.  Perhaps that’s the reason it feels like the day is just sauntering along.  I am checking the meat about once an hour as it slowly cooks. The red potatoes for our potato salad have been boiled & peeled and are cooling off. Now we wait.  And wait. Then wait some more.

My wife is planning on doing some gardening over the next couple of hours.  I don’t feel like getting dirt under my nails today, so I will be avoiding this.  Most likely I will either nap or play some video games. I may even do both.  Those are my plans.

It’s just another lazy Saturday for me.  I enjoy these.  It’s been a while since I had a Lazy Day.  I’m going to relax and just float through the rest of the afternoon and evening. Then suffer a meat coma and pass out.

It’s good to be an adult sometimes. You can make these choices and not feel guilty.

Why Not Fly?

Why don’t you just fly?

The Rogue is our new road tripper.

Because we’d miss out on hours of quality time and conversation. Flying is faster, but the cost is more and sometimes the headaches are too. Besides I just bought a new car only a few months ago and I love the luxury inside. Heated leather seats for the cold mountains. Full sunroof open in California letting in the breeze. XM radio playing whatever music we want. And scenery that is amazingly pretty.

I can’t get away from trains.

Plus with driving we discover parts of the world that we would miss. Today my wife and I stopped in at The Railroad Park Resort for a moment.  The rooms are all made of old train cabooses.  They even have an old dining car modified into a restaurant.  Next trip down- we will likely stay here.

Not only do we discover new attractions, we also stop at in at our favorite places. We hit In-N-Out Burger at least three times every trip.  Best burgers ever.  I think I mention this place far too often.  I can’t help it.  So tasty.

That’s me!

The drive into California is fun.  This may be a business trip for my wife, but it’s a vacation for me.  The art of the road trip isn’t as great as it once was.  That makes me sad.  We have done them for seven or eight years now with and without our children. Even the description of my blog mentions road trips… as well as trains, conventions, being a father and a geek…  That pretty much sums up my life over the past few years.  

I love every minute I spend in the car with my family.  It’s a quality time that usually has us all being nicer to one another for long periods. I miss my kids in a way this time.  But their toys are having a ton of fun!

I’m A Pig

Since taking on a new role at my work, I eat A LOT.  Both at home and at work.  I can’t help it.  I like food.

Last night was a major indulgence at home.  My wife made a delicious beef brisket.  I decided that to make it even better was to make it into Poutine.  Home made deep fat fried french fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy.  All covered in brisket.  Best way to wash it down was with a beer.  I felt so full afterwards.

At work- I often get treated to some great meals by my coworkers.  Especially when we have to go away from the office and out into the field to work.  Not just fast food either.  Today was a monster burrito that I could hardly finish.  Filled with steak, beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream, salsa… it was amazing.

But I need to get back to healthy choices.  Granola and yogurt.  Veggie sticks and water.  Ok, maybe just more vegetables in my diet- but I need to stop using my deep fat fryer so frequently.  I’m turning into a glutton.

But dang- food is better deep fried.  Or free. Free and deep fried?  I’m done.

Tea Time

I should drink more tea.

We have a lovely tea set that we picked up many years ago on a trip to Edmonton.  When I first saw it- I had to own it.  Yet, we don’t ever use it.

But it’s really lovely as a display piece.  At what age did I become an old person?  I think it’s when I finally decided to put my plates on display instead of eating off of them.

I need to drink more tea so that my dishes aren’t on display any more.  I don’t want to admit that I’m getting older.

Homemade Leftovers

Dinner time is wonderful.  At my home we make really good food that oftentimes there isn’t any leftovers.  We also have three kids- two of which are teenagers- who would eat us out of house and home if we let them.  Especially when dinner is good.  My wife and I rarely make more than what is to be served so as to not have much in the way of leftovers.

My kids take leftovers to school whenever possible. I’m happy about that. So I usually don’t get any to take to work. But, I also don’t tend to like leftovers. However, I do get to bring a sandwich.  Win-win for me and the kids.

Tonight we are down one child.  She is out at a sleepover party. We had plenty of extra food because we still made enough for five of us.  Looks like I will be taking some shepard’s pie leftovers to work tomorrow.  I’m happy because it was really tasty!  

So leftovers.  Thanks for being there when I didn’t want to make a meal for myself but knew I was still going to be hungry.

Gin & Tonic

I’ve never really been a hard drinker.  I’ve enjoyed rum & Coke or vodka & oj in the past.  But a few years ago a friend introduced me to Gin & Tonic.

I’m no connoisseur of hard alcohol.  But I do enjoy Bombay Sapphire.  I’ve had an unopened bottle for a few months now and a part of me doesn’t want to open it.  Another part wants to have a crazy night and get “Gin Drunk”.  Neither will happen.  

I’ll probably break open the bottle by Easter for a drink or two.  Then save it for a cool down during the hot summer months.  It’s nice to know that I have the ability to control myself unlike my crazy youth.  

Probably more the fact that hangovers as an adult in your forties suck.

You Be You

I’m proud of who I am.  Even if I’m strange or odd to other people.  I act the way I do because it’s entertaining to me.  I’m not hurting anyone by behaving silly.  Sometimes people follow along because it looks fun.  Other times they snicker or poke fun of me.

And the sun is shining.

I don’t really care either way.  I’m here for a good time.  I enjoy being me.  I’m the best me I can be.  Even when I’m serious, I’m still enjoying life.

Mmm… Sweet Meat

Some days life is too short to eat a hamburger on a bun.  Sometimes you just need to put that patty on a glazed donut.

You be you.

Joe the Wine-o

Yesterday my wife and I were taken on a local winery tour by a couple of our friends.  We don’t drink much wine these days so it was a nice treat to go out.  Plus, we’ve never really gone out to sample wines at a vineyard.  The only place we’ve been to before is the local berry farm that has a winery.  Which is nice because we can walk home after…

Our friends, Megan and Russ, planned the day and Russ was driving us around.  Now, three out of the four of us are railroaders.  My wife is the odd one out, but she can curse and talk filthy just like the rest of us.  That being said, we are definitely not swanky or hoity-toity by any means.  Nor did we dress the part.  None of us acted the part either.  We were ready to have some fun.

At our first stop we sampled four wines.  The Chaberton Winery was elegant and high class feeling.  We also hit their bistro and had some lunch.  Can’t go drinking on an empty stomach.  The waiter was amused when we requested a bottle of rosé to accompany our meal.  I asked for it as a “bottle of pink and pretty”.  Clearly I am a gentleman of worldliness culture.

The next location was Backyard Vineyards.  It was more our style.  Middle class feeling.  Megan and I sampled four more wines and giggled as our significant others sat at a table reading the wine list and playing on their phones.  We ordered a cheese a cracker plate, grabbed another bottle and polished it off rather quickly.  

Then we went to the Township 7 to sample some more.  This is where I learned that the name is derived from the seven different locations that make up Langley.  As well as the fact that the vineyards in Langley align perfectly with France making the grapes equally tasty?  No clue.  We were having fun.

What we thought was our last stop turned out to be a lie.  While we were at the Township 7, the staff recommended a new location that had opened the week prior just up the road.  Off we went!

The Glass House Estate winery was by far the best place we went to yesterday.  We sampled four more wines including a very tasty ice wine.  We then grabbed a bottle of wine and enjoyed another cheese plate.  The four of us were giddy and getting loud.  There wasn’t a lot of people in the building so I’m pretty sure our conversations could be heard throughout.  The place was going to be open for another hour or so.  After our first bottle went empty, we decided to get another one.

That last bottle put the three of us past our limit.  Stumbling back to the car laughing and joking we were ending our evening at around 7pm on a Saturday.  Quite honestly WRECKED.  Wine drunk is different from beer drunk or hard bar drunk.  Wine drunk hits you fast and it’s always that last glass that puts you over the edge.  But at least you stop.

We had a blast.  My wife and I would do it again.  In fact, there is now a plan in the works with our friends to go tour the BC Okanagan this summer.  Or as my wife was trying to search it on her phone: “Ikanogon Wine Tour”.

I realized that in a few short hours, my bank account was down a couple hundred bucks.  Not something I usually do anymore when it comes to drinking.  But I’m willing to make a sacrifice like this once in a while. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be all wine connoisseur like and spit it out after sloshing it in my mouth and examining the glass.  But until that day, the wine gets to go into my stomach like regular folks.  

And unlike my poor wife yesterday- the wine stayed in my stomach.

π Day

Today is March 14th.  Pi Day.  3.14

What sort of pie do I want today?

The film “π” came out in 1998.  It was a beautiful film shot in black and white about a paranoid mathematician.  I was 22 when it came out.  It was during a time in my life of heavy drinking and smoking that I watched the film.  Besides it being a visual masterpiece, I couldn’t tell you what it was about or how it ended.

Let’s move on…

If you were to ask me to rate pies in order of most favorite to least favorite I could answer without hesitation.

Number 1 is Apple Pie.  For obvious reasons.  It’s the best.  Hands down.  I love making and eating home made apple pie.  It even gets served with vanilla ice cream.  Two of the most simplest desserts combined to create something wonderful.

Last on the list would be Pumpkin Pie.  Again, for obvious reasons.  It’s the worst.  Hands down.  The texture and smell are repulsive.  The taste only rivals the smell in a way that makes me feel like I am intentionally shoveling a sliver of hate into my mouth.  Burying it in whipped cream doesn’t help matters either.  Absolutely the worst pie ever.

All other pies, including shepard’s pie, fall somewhere in between.  I’m not really picky.  Because 99% of pies are delicious.  It’s a fact.  Because I said so.  

The last 1% is pumpkin pie.  Utterly foul.  Let’s stop talking about that atrocity now.  We can go back to talking about warm apple pie.  Even Jason Biggs “loved” a warm apple pie.  

The film “American Pie” came out in 1999.  A year after “π“.   The film’s jokes do not hold up.  Probably because they have been quoted and mimicked for nearly two decades throughout society and other films.  Rather disappointing considering how well the first film in the franchise did.  Unlike the dozen or so reject sequels that were pumped out in hopes of making a quick buck.  Perhaps it is also this reason that the film doesn’t hold up.

That’s about it for my thoughts on π and pie today.  

Go math!

Pizza Snack

As a teen I really enjoyed Pizza Pops.  Mmmm Exploded microwaved food product.

I still enjoy one from time to time.  Usually at work.  I have to hide them from the kids.  Otherwise they are gone instantly as soon as the box is unloaded from the groceries.  I do my best to never buy them when the kids will be around.  I’ll take them straight to work and hide them there.  But then my coworkers have been known to steal them.  Ugh.  It seems everyone likes Pizza Pops.

Even though they are a simple pleasure, sometimes being a frugal shopper has me trying other similar products.  Last night for example, I had some “Bagel Bites: Pepperoni Pizza” flavor as a snack at work.  The box of nine cost me a buck.  So why not try out a cheap late night snack?

They were the worst. 

The instructions said to microwave on high for 2 minutes and 20 seconds in their patented “crisper tray”.  So I did.  And the cheese still wasn’t melted and the nine mini bagels were still partially frozen.  So I moved them around in the tray and added another 45 seconds to the cooking time.  Now the cheese was melting and sliding off of half of the bagels and the rest were still partially uncooked.  The ones with with melted cheese now also had dried out rock hard bagel edges.  I removed the “cooked” bagels and heated the rest for a few more seconds.  

As I waited for the next batch to melt a bit more, I touched the top of a bagel bite and it seemed an ok temperature.  So I took a bite and burned my mouth.  For F**KSAKE!  Stupid pieces of sh!t. But now I’m far too hungry to care and ate the rest of them anyways.  Seriously, 3 minutes in the microwave is far too long to wait anymore.

Moral of the story?  Stick with Pizza Pops.  At least they admit that they explode in their advertising.