Tokyo Yummy

I’m looking forward to our trip to Tokyo (counting down the hours until we leave). Mostly I’m excited for the sights and the experience, but also for the food. Mmmmm Japanese food

I love Japanese food. Not just sushi. Although sushi is up there in one of my top spots for favorite foods (I’ve even made sushi myself). The food in restaurants I have been to in North America are so flavorful and beautifully laid out- it makes me hopeful for an even better experience abroad.

From what I have seen online, there is also a lot of fun offered up in presentation as well as flavors. Choosing meals will be easy at first for my family. We all share similar tastes, but by the end, we may argue over which ramen place to go to or what snacks to buy.

I’ve brought a lot of spending cash for our meals, which is rare for when I travel. Usually we like to pack food and only eat out a couple of times. But since we are flying and can only take so much baggage- this trip will involve a lot of restaurants.

Can’t really complain- I’ve only ever heard good things about eating in Japan. Maybe this trip will have us Instagramming our meals more often!

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Sober Seventeenth

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I plan on spending it sober. What???

It may surprise some of my friends. I do enjoy a drink (or five) from time to time. But tonight, I just don’t want to. No reason. I’m just not in the mood to be out there with a bunch of people getting drunk and rowdy.

Those of you who do want to enjoy in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations- stay safe. Make sure you and your friends have a ride home. Having fun doesn’t mean you have to be irresponsible.

So whatever green beer or Irish kissing you do tonight- enjoy yourselves.

Pi Day

I love fake celebratory dates. “Star Wars Day” is the best one. (May the 4th). But today is also a perfect example of made up celebration days.

It’s “National Pi Day” or “Pie Day”. Whichever dad joke you want to use to share 3.14 is ok with me. I like pie.

Time to go out and spread some silly joy and plaster social media all about pie and Pi. Math and dessert go hand in hand.

I’m going to get me an apple pie later on. That’s my favorite pie. What’s your go-to pie for celebrating today?

Coffee To-Go

I remember the coffee in the 80’s that my parents drank:

To make a coffee for my parents was simple. Pour hot water over two scoops freeze dried coffee, two scoops sugar and milk. Easy to make and the best part- it was unpleasant tasting. So I never drank coffee as a kid.

In my late teens and early twenties I never made coffee at home. I only drank the crap from Denny’s late at night or when hung over. Once I married my wife, we would brew our own coffee in a coffee maker. On occasion we would even buy beans and grind them ourselves.

I was making a coffee to-go today and realized that I have a collection of travel mugs. All of which I could probably throw out now since they aren’t exactly super clean anymore. Back in the 80’s- if my father took a coffee in the car, he used a regular mug.

One time he forgot his mug on the roof of the car. On the first turn, the mug slide off the roof and exploded onto the sidewalk. I was entertained… he was mad. Probably because he broke his favorite mug.

I would’ve been mad because the coffee tasted like ass. That’s the difference between me and my father and our tastes in coffees.

Daily Fears and Bigger Fears

The other night, on the car ride to picking up dinner, my daughter and I were talking. And she was getting snippy towards me. After some discussion in our short drive, I found out the problem. My 13 year old daughter was scared to buy a pizza.

I had asked her to come with me in order to buy the pizzas. She explained how she didn’t want to talk to the cashier. She was unsure of money interactions. She was straight up stressed out by something that everyone does on a daily basis. She began to show signs of anxiety.

Interactions like this between strangers shouldn’t be difficult. Our daughter has done purchases and sales at numerous conventions over the years- so it surprised me when she told me she was anxious that night. It never dawned on me that this was different. So we rehearsed what she needed to say, how much the pizza would be, and how much change should would get in return.

To ease her mind a bit, I explained that I’m also scared. I am absolutely terrified of going to Tokyo next month. I’ve never been to Tokyo. I’m not going alone either, but taking my wife and three kids. Not only am I going to be in a foreign country- no one I’m going with understands Japanese. Plus I will need to keep a close watch on the kids. Make sure they are staying nearby while we use the trains and travel the streets.

In the end, my daughter did fine buying a pizza. I was with her, but stayed off to the side. I didn’t interject, help or correct her in any way. Afterwards she admitted that it was easy. A little more practice and she won’t need to rehearse her interactions ahead of time. Hopefully she can overcome moments of anxiety on her own.

She enjoyed her pizza with a sense of relief. Although buying pizzas for larger groups is a pain and requires note taking and spreadsheets at the best of times. Just don’t tell her that yet. We need to work on baby steps.

Rock Lobster

In mid December, I mentioned that our oldest had an interview for a job at a Fish Market: Next Generation of Milestones. I forgot to follow up, but she got the job and started within a few days of the New Year. She is loving it.

For Valentine’s Day she picked up a couple of lobster tails for my wife and I. In the past, I’ve bought a couple cheap frozen lobster tails. The kind that are $7-$9/each. A small side of shellfish to a plate of mashed potatoes. Our daughter went above and beyond. Onto her work tab, she put these two monsters:

When I saw them, I was floored. How the heck am I supposed to eat these? A pound and a half of lobster meat! It would just have to be eaten somehow.

And it was delicious. Even though my wife and I sent the kids off to bed in order to sit down for our meal, we couldn’t eat these tails without sharing. Two of our three kids loved it. Our middle child did not. I’m not sure why, but that just means more lobster for the rest of us in the future.

Our oldest with the job is excited about trying more varieties of fish and shellfish now. She is also learning the skills to prepare and serve fish. I’m proud of her and the fact that she loves her job. And she loves us enough to get us some tasty food as well!

Happy Banana Monday.

My banana was happy to be eaten today.

Somehow, somewhere or perhaps even someone- bruised my banana. Brown spots created a mocking smile. But underneath it’s skin, it was still a perfect banana.

So I ate it.

The banana made me smile. Happy Banana. Happy Monday.

Two Years of Beers

Our local microbrewery celebrated it’s second birthday yesterday. My son and I were first in line yesterday to get in. (When they opened two years ago, I was second in line.) I enjoy going to the Trading Post every couple of weeks. It’s a great atmosphere where I can meet up with friends and share a story or two. Yesterday was no different.

Being the first to arrive meant I could sit anywhere I wanted. So I chose a spot upstairs, as we usually do. Their Birthday beer was especially tasty. And I ended up having a couple. Lots of photos and social media sharing went on with everyone inside.

We were also given a special Two Year Stein to take home afterwards. Once I was home, my wife decided that she wanted to go out for a beer as well. A couple hours later, I returned to the Trading Post and had another beer.

As the sun began to go down, some live music started up. My wife and I enjoyed our date, but knew it was time to head home. We had to pick up our daughter from work and make dinner. My time at the brewery came to an end. Good thing as well. Three tall beers throughout the afternoon hit me pretty good considering I skipped lunch.

Having a fun day seeing friends, followed by a nice drink with my wife was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Some good memories have been had at this place over the past two years. I hope for many more to come.


Lately I’ve been enjoying microwaved popcorn. It needs to be buttery or extra buttery popcorn mind you. None of that low salt, bland popcorn.

It took me years to eat popcorn again after working at the movie theater. I hated smelling like popcorn after every shift. So I stopped eating popcorn all together for about five or six years.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, when we began attending the drive-in regularly, that I enjoyed popcorn again. Now we buy a large tub of popcorn to share with the kids. When my wife and I have a date night at the VIP movie theater- we also buy popcorn to enjoy with our beers.

Microwaved popcorn is also great for hotels on road trips. Microwaved popcorn at work is a quick and light snack. Popcorn is also a great shareable food that makes people happy.

It appears that I am back to enjoying popcorn on a regular basis again. We even have an oil popper that makes good popcorn for parties.

For those keeping track- I mentioned the word popcorn in every sentence I wrote. It was my goal to ensure popcorn got into your thoughts.

Dish It Up

Sometimes I like to focus on the mundane and bring it to the forefront of my writing. Today is a perfect example of it. The inspiration I have for my blog post- I am eating off of.

About a year ago my wife and I bought some new dishes. Not just one set mind you- we had to pick up two sets and matching serving dishes. We spent a small fortune on them, but I’m really happy about it for many reasons. First of all- they are square- even the bowls. Secondly, they are really heavy and durable- like high end restaurant dishes. They are stark white with no print or image. And lastly, they have a one inch edge around them framing the center of the plate.

The last point is the most crucial for why I love them. This rim has caused us to limit how much food goes on our plates. On our old plates it was filled to the edges. Mountains of food! Now we have taken out the overindulgence and allowed ourselves to enjoy the tastes again with healthier portions.

Having square shaped dishes also makes for cleaning them a breeze. They all stack neatly in the dishwasher and the cupboard. Not being round also changed the presentation ideas. A little more fun and frivolous with how the food looks…

Of course, we couldn’t just buy new plates. We also had to purchase new flatware to go with it all. We can serve up to sixteen people in a single sitting. Perhaps it’s about time that we entertain more often. Dinner anyone?